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Lucio Antonio Carbone was born in Milan in 1959. As a self-taught luthier, he built his first guitar in 1976 as a hobby and he abandons his studies in physics to devote himself professionally to this passion in the early ‘80s.
At the time he was mainly interested in the making of steel stringed instruments of the American tradition. Eventually in 1986 he approached classical guitar building. In 1989 he opened a small store in Milan, next to his workshop, where guitars, strings and other accessories have been sold since then.
Over time he has become the trusted luthier for several eminent brands, which rely on his workshop for their customer assistance. Together with his own restoration work on XIX and XX century instruments, this activity allowed him to gain a wide knowledge about building methods and procedures.
This experience resulted not only in some educational activities, such as seminars and courses in Conservatories and Universities, but in contributions to some specialized magazines as well.
During this period, even with a reduced number of instruments, he has never given up on building guitars. Since 2018 he has decided to dedicate again time and energies only to his original passion for guitar construction.
His luthiery is inspired by the traditional instruments in Torres and Hauser style, especially by the ones of the latter, for the elegance of their voice and their dynamical equilibrium. Over the time he had the opportunity to select and season woods properly, and the ones he is using now are more than 20 years old. His instruments are French polish finished.

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